Saturday, May 12, 2007

numero uno

Let's start from the beginning. A short while ago we decided it was time to start a family. We were both working and recently move into our first home. After a quick assessment we laid the groundwork in early 2006. Upon becoming pregnant, several questions became clear: Will we have enough money? Who will take care of our child? Why is everything so expensive?

congratulations, it's a girl

Following our newfound parental instincts, we decided it would be best - for us - to live off one income. The benefits were clear: more time with child, more time with spouse, less work-related stress. The drawbacks were daunting, but not inhospitable: less money (much less), massive lifestyle overhaul (as a result of drawback number 1).

One year has passed since that time, and our daughter only recently arrived. We're not living off one income yet, but the July 1 deadline is fast approaching. Therein lies the purpose of this blog. To document the experience and hopefully, share one approach to living in this way.

Are you raising a family with only one breadwinner?

Are you thinking about starting a family on one income?

Have you raised a family on one income?

Let us know what you're thinking, or if you have any advice. We need it.

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