Wednesday, May 16, 2007

it's what's for dinner

Last night was good. We fed the baby regularly during the day and she let us sleep during two lengthy periods: 12-3 and 4-7. As a result, my mind is working again and I feel strong enough to cook something for mom and baby. My mother-in-law (who is very sweet) deposited in our fridge, among other things, two well marbled steaks and a lovely wedge of blue cheese. To round it out, I found some fat asparagus leftover from the farmer's market and discovered a baguette in the freezer.

steak dinner

The menu:

first course

  • pan-seared steaks with chive butter
  • blanched asparagus with lemon and olive oil
second course
  • bread and blue cheese
dessert course
  • strawberries and yogurt

Lastly, upon reading my last post, Stay-At-Home Mom reminded me that we have also made the "Miserly Meals" recipe for granola. This is the best-tasting version I had yet, and it goes very well with plain, unsweetened yogurt... Recipe to follow.

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