Sunday, January 18, 2009

saucisson update: 244 grams, 35% shrinkage :)

14 days have passed since I first hung these babies out to dry. Can you believe it? I'll bet you've been dying to know. If you read my last saucisson update (and chances are, you didn't), you would know that last week I was somewhat concerned about the rate at which my saucissons secs have been drying. I'm still battling some serious humidity issues, which were compounded by some antarctic temps in MN during the past couple of weeks (as low as -22 F with practically no humidity). Also, the week was very busy for me, so I wasn't able to weigh them until today. I'm glad I did. In my last post (seven days ago), I explained that one of the saucissons weighed 285 grams - today it weighed 244 grams, only 41 grams less. This means that it now weighs approximately 35% less than it did on day one. Not bad.

The recipe said the total curing time should take 18-21 days, I'm going to hold out for a few more days before slicing - just to be safe. Cross your fingers...

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