Wednesday, January 7, 2009

want to read more about traditional dry-curing?

While looking through a folder of old recipes and and other junk, I found a printed copy of a great article on dry-curing that appeared in the New York Times in May of 2006 (and now that they offer their complete archives, free of charge, I can pass along the link). Entitled, "Dry Cured Sausages: Kissed by Air, Never by Fire," the article documents how this traditional method of food preservation is fading away in the US, particularly due to increasingly restrictive FDA regulations. From the article:

"I would rather go out of business, like all those other guys, than ruin my product by freezing it or cooking it or irradiating it," Mr. Buzzio said.

In case you missed it, my last post details my first foray into dry-curing - the sausages are aging in my basement at the moment.


Samantha said...

Mike and I had SUCH a good time talking to you guys at Hinken Christmas! Thanks for obliging us (especially me) all day. I just read your entire blog and then wrote down recipes for us to try. Mike is really into our budget, and I'm really into eating organic and sustainably and so together we are your blog! Thanks for the great tips and I look forward to more in the future!
Love to all,
Sam (and Mike)

Gravy said...

why has your email forsaken me?

Housekeepers said...

hi sam. good to hear from u! jen and i enjoyed seeing you as well, and we hope to hang out again soon. let us know next time ur in mn and we'll have u over for some housekept-style dinner.

also, thank u for the props on the blog - it's a modest attempt, but one that i hope contributes a little bit to food culture. be sure to post any tips/complaints/suggestions for any of the recipes (i tend to abbreviate them to save space).

Housekeepers said...

gravy: qu'est-ce que c'est ce courier electronique de quoi tu parles?

bouquet garni is alive and well, and has found an appropriate outlet for his culinary misadventures. DM me on twitter! @mholterhaus